True Seeds Australian Premium Chia strictly avoid the use of all insecticide and chemical at all cost. Insecticide and Chemical Free farming by True Seeds helps conserve biodiversity. Total Avoidance of Insecticide and Chemicals have been shown to help conserve biodiversity as it encourages a natural balance within the ecosystem.

All True Seeds Australian Chias undergo stringent tests from AGETAL, SCIQUAL AUSTRALIA, SAC SINGLASS SINGAPORE and THE MINISTRY OF AUSTRALIA INDUSTRY AND MEASUREMENT.We are certified as 99.9% Pure and FREE OF INSECTICIDE AND CHEMICAL.As for consumers, we can just open the packet, look at the aluminium underlinings, we can see there is no dust, no oil, no moisture and no chemical. We are bringing the freshest, cleanest chias to the world. On the right is True Seeds, on the left our main competitor also from Australia, we can see that the right glass has no mucus, no dust and the water is much cleaner.